Aim for consistency in 2020 –

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Aim for consistency in 2020

Aim for consistency in 2020

Does the early bird catch the worm or are you a night owl? Meaning, do you exercise in the morning or in the night? Either way has its benefits as long as it’s consistent.

If there is one thing, you’re aiming to achieve this new year, let it be consistency in your fitness routine.

Starting your day off with a rejuvenating exercise can release endorphins that will keep you going strong all day long. That’s less chances of you falling asleep at your desk and one less coffee. Happy boss, happy you. Speaking of happy, it has been said that a workout in the morning can help reduce stress and anxiety, as moving your body boosts cognitive functions and stabilises your mood.

So, what about working out in the evening? If you’re an anti-morning person and prefer to hit snooze and sleep in (look no judgement here) you’re also in luck.

Working out in evening allows your mind to concentrate on the workout itself, whereas in the morning you may be thinking about what daily tasks you have to tick off (getting the kids to school, answering emails, beating the traffic).

You are less susceptible to injury in the joints in the evening as your body has warmed up during the day. Plus, you have a better chance at hydrating and fuelling the body.

With that said, physically working out is always a good thing, whether it be in the morning or the evening. Here at Dr Teal’s we believe that a good workout should always begin or end with a bath. Using our Pre and Post Work-Out Epsom Salt, let your muscles relax and recover.