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Four Steps to create the perfect bath time experience

Four Steps to create the perfect bath time experience

By Sinead M'Gee

We get it, it’s not every day you can set aside time for a bath. Sometimes a shower will just have to do. But not today. We’ve created this simple four step guide to getting the most out of your bath time experience. So, close your eyes and soak it up and pretend you’re at that day spa you’ve been dying to visit, the one that costs more than your monthly grocery bill.

Getting in the zone
Relaxation is all about ambiance. Dim the lights and lock the door. Put on your favourite playlist (we suggest the Ultimate Khruangbin Spotify playlist). Light that soy candle you received for your birthday two years ago. If you’re a Netflix and chill kinda person, set up your laptop, but well away from your tub. Pour yourself a glass of red, no, it doesn’t matter if it’s a school night. No distractions, no disturbance.

Bath time
Fill your tub with your favourite Dr Teal’s Epsom Salts. This month we are loving the Activated Charcoal and Hawaiian Black Lava Salt range – it’s infused with Juniper and Grapefruit essential oils for a greater sense of rejuvenation and wellbeing. Add some bubbles, because why not? Compliment your bath salts with our new Activated Charcoal Foaming Bath, for extra relief from aches and muscle pain.

Since you have all this time to yourself, put on your favourite face mask. We love SpaScriptions Dead Sea Clay Mineral mask. Leave for 10 minutes then gently wash off with a washcloth.

Getting out of the zone
It may be time to get out of the bath but that doesn’t mean the pampering stops here. Go on, use that fluffy white towel – the one you save for special occasions. Dry and lather yourself with your favourite moisturiser, we love Dr Teal's Soothe & Soften with Lavender Body Lotion for total relaxation. Throw on your favourite pyjamas and enjoy a good night sleep.

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