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Hey mama

Hey mama

By Sinead M'Gee

What’s one job that requires no degree or prior experience required, no salary, non-negotiable hours or no paid benefits but has a lifelong tenure? Motherhood.

It’s a known fact that mothers give up a lot for us, their careers, their waistline, sleep and of course peace and quiet. That’s why at Dr Teal’s we like to give back to all the mums out there.

As the 10th of May marks Mother’s Day in Australia, we thought for this month's blog we would turn our focus to all the mamas. We gathered a few of Dr Teal’s staff here in the office and asked them why their mum is a superwoman and what they’re giving her for Mother’s Day.


Sinead – Content Specialist

“My mum is a superwoman because although she still needs direction with selecting a movie to watch on Netflix, she still helps me book doctors' appointments, makes me soup when I’m sick and is incredibly resilient when times are tough”.

“I’ve learnt from previous Mother’s Days; gift cards are a bad idea as they seem to be misplaced rather than used. So, this year, my mum is getting a head-to-toe Dr Teal’s Coconut Oil gift because if there is one thing my mum loves more than bringing out the old photo albums, it’s coconut oil infused products”.


Ashlie – Sales Analyst

“My mum is a superwoman because she takes care of absolutely everyone. Not only is she my best friend, she’s the glue in our family and a full-time carer for my elderly Gran. She makes sacrifices for us all every day and is always there when I call – even if it’s just because I’m bored and driving home from work”.

“We don’t really do presents as a family for special events, as we prefer to spend quality time together. But this year, I am going to give my mum the time and products for a pampering that she deserves! She loves a relaxing bath, so Dr Teal’s Coconut Oil Epsom Salts is a must! As well as EcoTools loofahs and my favourite UpCirle Lemongrass Body Scrub!


Sylvia – Brand Manager

“My Mum is my Superwomen because she raised four kids on her own, after my Dad passed away from Cancer. She would finish work at 3pm, so she could be there for us after school. Now that we’re grown up, she travels overseas every year for a few months to look after her elderly parents. She’s the kindest and most caring person, always smiling and friendly to everyone she meets. She’s and absolute angel”

“This year I am buying her ‘A Day of Bliss’ made up some of Dr Teal’s best-sellers, so she can take a moment to relax and unwind and do something for herself. She will love all the foot care products, because she gets sore and dry feet.’