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Hot tips to make your skin glow

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There is no denying that radiant glowing skin is on everyone’s summer to-do list. Nothing makes you feel more confident and beautiful than waking up in the morning with a fresh and youthful complexion! And no matter the season, healthy and luminous skin is always in fashion. But with so many products on the market, a trip to the shops can often become an overwhelming and costly experience. Worry no more beauties we’ve got you covered.  

Below we have listed our top skin saving tips to help you achieve a gorgeous glow in no time. And without the big price tag – bonus!    

Exfoliate for smaller looking pores
Nobody likes enlarged pores that are filled with dirt and oil, that’s why it is important to always exfoliate. It will clear and refresh the skin by removing unwanted dead skin cells. The EcoTools Polishing Loofah Body Sponge will make your skin feel softer than ever and all you need to do is squeeze some of your favourite body wash and scrub away. Its compact size is also great for hanging in the shower so you wont ever forget.

Take a detox bath
An amazing way to indulge in self-care is taking a nice Epsom salt bath at the end of a long day. Not only are they super effective at helping keep our body toxin-free they are also relaxing, rejuvenating and fun. Adding Dr Teals' Body scrub to your bath routine will create a comforting aroma that will elevate your spirit. It will draw impurities out of your body, help relax your muscles and make your skin look more radiant than ever!

Hydrate your skin
Keeping your skin well-hydrated allows it to function normally, be healthy and look luminous. If your skin lacks moisture it can become tight, dry and itchy and nobody likes that! The key to achieving nourished skin that not only looks smooth but feels amazing is moisturising on a regular basis. Dr Teal's Body Lotion is your new BFF when it comes to replenishing your skin. The creamy coconut milk lathers the body and the aroma of lime is the perfect summer scent.

Get your bronze on!
Now that your skin has been totally pampered, your body is ready for a beautiful bronzed tan. Faking golden-brown skin is now super easy with a self Tanning mitt, we recommend Bodyefex Self Tan Applicator Mitt, it not only makes the process stress free but will give you a flawless finish. Achieving a J–Lo glow is simple. All you need is the right high-quality product to go with it.

So there you have it, you don’t need to take an expensive trip to the day-spa to achieve beautiful glowing skin! Just follow our favourite tips and tricks 😉 .