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Let’s talk about Activated Charcoal

Let’s talk about Activated Charcoal

By Sinead M’Gee


If you consider yourself a bit of a skincare junkie, you have probably dipped your toes in charcoal related skincare products every now and then. We see it in toothpaste, face masks even ingestible tablets. The simple science of Activated Charcoal in skincare products is that it naturally attracts excess oil and unwanted dirt, clearing out your pores for a brighter complexion that seriously glows. You can’t argue with results like that can you?

So, we’re asking you to dip you toes in Charcoal a little more (excuse the pun), with the Dr Teal’s Activated Charcoal range, which features the ever so popular Epsom Salt Solution, Foaming Bath and Body Wash.

At a time now when we’re being told to practice social distancing, a little selfcare can go a long way. Running yourself a bath and filling it with Dr Teal’s Epsom Salt or Foaming Bath can do wonders for your body, helping relax the body and minimise aches and pains in the muscles. Put on your favourite playlist, a hit in the office at the moment is Spotify’s “Crush” playlist.

If you’re more of a shower kinda person or your bathroom is not equipped with a bath, let the good times roll with Dr Teals Body Wash. Infused with gentle essential oils of Juniper and Grapefruit, the body wash will make you want to stay in the shower for a little longer than planned. Don’t worry, ignore the kids banging on the door, this is your moment.


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