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No gym? No problem

No gym? No problem

By Sinead M'Gee

I used to think that home workouts were for a very specific group of people. People that would fall into the category of always being motivated to get moving, have bounds of energy and aren't easily distracted by the lure of say, a comfy couch, binge watching Netflix series, and using that excuse “I’ll start tomorrow”. Turns out, you don’t need a sleek boutique fitness studio, or a fancy home gym set up. Just a global pandemic to throw a spanner in the works to bring out your inner #fitspo. 

I can count on more than one hand the positives to home workouts. But the most important pro is that there is no one to tell you, you look silly, you’re doing it wrong or pointing out that mess in the background (sorry, is there such thing as putting your clothes away straight away? Didn’t think so). Whilst you do have to find your own motivation, a bonus is, you can go at your own pace. All you need is a yoga mat, a well thought out playlist and some weights if you’re into that kind of thing.

In my experience, the real challenge is not replying back to texts mid workout. But diligence is the key.

So, without further or do, here are a few of my favourite home workout links I’ve been following in the comfort of my own home.

First up, a fun workout; Ryan Heffington’s iconic dance parties. These dance sessions have become a bit of a self-care ritual for me. With his louder than life, infectious personality, Heffington’s virtual dance classes will certainly make you sweat.

Feel the burn with Peaches Pilates online program. Work on your booty with these killer online classes. Class requires are bed socks in replacement of a reformer machine (because you know, that everyone has one of those at home), a positive attitude and a yoga mat.

Is there such thing as a home workout connoisseur? Because the ladies at Keep it Cleaner are most definitely that! With weekly free Facebook Live streaming videos, the only excuse you have is you’re double booked with a Ryan Heffington’s dance party.


And what makes home workouts even better? A bath filled with Dr Teal’s Pre & Post Work Epsom Salts to soothe those aches and pains.