Skip the shower – run a bath –

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Skip the shower – run a bath

Skip the shower – run a bath

By Sinead M'Gee


During these – dare I say – strange and uncertain times, it’s ever-so important to find ways to unwind, relax and stay calm amid the craziness that the world has thrown at us this year. One of our personal favourite pass times for a little self-care is running a bath. The experience is soothing for both the body and mind and also fills in a little bit of time if you've got ‘too much’ time on your hands.

Showering is the most common form of bathing – however we prefer the whole-body immersion kind of bathing. Immersion bathing roughly means submerging yourself into a tub of hot water for ten minutes.

In a 2018 study published in the journal Hindawi, Dr Yasuaki Goto, PhD, and researchers from the ONSEN Medical Science Research Centre, Tokyo City University, and Jichi Medical University in Japan found that regular bathing is more beneficial to both mental and physical wellbeing than the average shower.

The results from the study showed that a hot water immersion bath bettered fatigue, stress, pain and skin conditions. By increasing blood flow, hot water baths were shown to help boost detoxification, oxygen levels and nutrients throughout the body, resulting in some remarkable long-term benefits. 

The study concluded that hot water immersion increases the elimination of metabolic waste materials in the body, meaning that despite showers being efficient for cleaning your body, bathing in a hot bath cleanses on a much deeper level.

So, in summary we’re saying skip the shower tonight and run yourself a nice hot bath to really get all the benefits of a self-care detox.


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