Your winter pamper ritual sorted –

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Your winter pamper ritual sorted

Your winter pamper ritual sorted

Don’t freak out beauties but winter is just around the corner (literally just next week). Winter pretty much means that half the year is over and seriously, where did it go…? All these scary thoughts aside, winter is the perfect time to sort out your pamper ritual. After all, with winter comes more baths and with more baths comes more relaxation time for yourself. So don’t forget to capitalise on your ‘me time’ because that’s the best kind of time to relax and rewind!

Dr Teal’s is all about relaxing, rejuvenating and soothing your body and soul. Making Dr Teal’s a part of your regular bath routine can help you and your skin feel hydrated and healthy. The lavender range is a perfect addition to your winter pamper ritual with great benefits that we could all use a little bit more of in winter (nobody says no to a better sleep…nobody). 

Top benefits of using lavender essential oils:

A well-known fact about lavender is that it can help you to go to sleep with ease. When using a combination of products. Because of its relaxing effect on people it can often help with most sleep issues and regularity.

May help your nervous system function better
Showering and using Epsom salts may also help to regulate electrolytes in your body and with its calming scent, is excellent for reducing your nerves and stress.

Helps to eliminate toxins from the body
Having a hot bath at least three times a week can help make you sweat which in turn flushes out toxins, heavy metals and other harmful substances from your cells. So why not add Dr Teal’s Lavender products for a bit of goodness and fill your bath with delicious scents?! Talking about eliminating toxins from your body, we can’t forget to remove any nasties from the surface aka your skin. EcoTools have just celebrated their 10th Anniversary and have some pretty good products for this exact need. The Pure Complexion Sponge is used to wash away dirt, oil and makeup for a better clean than your average face wash.

Dr Teal’s Pure Epsom Salt Soaking Solution – Sooth & Sleep with Lavender is the best product to ease aches and muscle pains and soothes your body for a deeper sleep. For best results soak in a warm bath for 20 minutes.

To amplify the luxuriousness of your bath add in some Dr Teal’s Foaming Bath with Lavender. You can’t go wrong with long-lasting bubbles because bubbles make every bath 10 times better. The foaming bath can help to nourish your skin and relax your body. After all, that’s the beauty of using Epsom salts and essential oils.

With all that bath time relaxation you may forget that Dr Teal’s does offer other great out of bath body products. Moisture is lost so easily in winter, especially with the crisp winds, so try a bottle of Dr Teal’s Body Oil Sooth & Sleep with Lavender to seal in the moisture and give your skin some much needed hydration. In other words add it to the must buy list ASAP!

On the other hand if your skin is prone to being more on the dry and flaky side Dr Teal’s Body Scrub Exfoliate & Renew with Lavender is your go to product. Adding this to your pamper ritual will leave your skin feeling smoother and softer than ever (and the smell is super relaxing and delicious).

So there you have it, we’ve got your winter pamper ritual all sorted. Moral of the story is every beauty can use a little bit more lavender in their life.